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Had a great first day in Amsterdam. We are all alive. #8123

Kennedy Brock of The Maine | Vans Warped Tour - Columbia, MD | Photo by Hannah Marren

John O’Callaghan of The Maine | Vans Warped Tour - Darien Center, NY | Photo by Henry Chung

We’re all monsters living in a dream.

me n John O’Callaghan at The Marquee last night watching The Replacements perform (john ohh man bun appreciation)

The Maine last night at The Marquee Theater


while The Replacements were setting up last night I got the chance to talk to Garrett and John. Both of them were so unbelievably happy about being able to play with The Replacements, Garrett told me he was about to shit himself and John was telling me about how much he loves them and how excited…


If anyone says The Maine isn’t kickass, I would like to point out that even after a freak thunderstorm ruined their equipment they still used other band’s instruments just to be able to play a 25 minute set for their fans. If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is.


After driving 450 miles, getting caught in a monsoon, and waiting what seemed like an endless amount of hours, I saw my boys at a hometown show and I was the happiest I’ve ever been.  (at Marquee Theatre)